Ten portraits represent ten personalities. Their life stories, (sometimes) tragic life events, devotion to creativity and people inspire and encourage me not to be a part of this society that only floats downstream. I begin to acknowledge the fear of being “consumed”, of becoming yet another dull particle of the society. Ten personalities portrayed in the collection are: Vitas Luckus “Vitas” (1943 – 1987); Justinas Mikutis “Justinas” (1922 – 1988); Artūras Barysas – Baras “Artūras” (1954 – 2005); Jurgis Mačiūnas “Jurgis” (1931 – 1978); Charles Bukowski “Bukas” (1920 – 1994); Vilius Orvidas “Vilius” (1952 – 1992); Vytautas Mačernis “Vytautas” (1921 – 1944); Thomas Alan Waits “Mrs Tom”(1949); Anna Politkovskaya “My Ana” (1958 – 2006); Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett “”Syd” (1946 – 2006). All of them were perceived as eccentrics by the society. However, they were all unique, their simplicity was intact, and they were all human, self-contained or open to everyone. All of them fought the consumer society, its coldness, cruelty, stupidity and lack of tolerance.